Located in the Trường Sơn Mountains in Da Nang, Vietnam is one of Sun World Amusement parks, Bà Nà Hills also known as the Castle in the Sky. This theme park is widely known for its architectural feat, the Golden Bridge, that has become an instant viral sensation.

Here is my travel guide to Bà Nà Hills Fantasy Park.

Admission to Bà Nà Hills

Cost of Admission:  750,000 dong/adult (~32 USD)

Includes:  Cable car ride to each tier of the park, hiking train to Debay Wine Cellars, Le Jardin d’Amour, Golden Bridge, Legendary Knight slide, 105 games in the fantasy park, and 10% value added tax (VAT)

Excludes:  Wax museum, teddy bear grips, and fantasy park indoor sports

Tickets can be purchased at ticket booths and kiosks at the base of the mountain, or online. My family and I barely planned our trip to Vietnam, so we stood in line for tickets, but I would totally recommend purchasing them online.

Hours of Operation

Open 7 days a week from 0700 – 2200.

Bà Nà Hills Features 

Cable Car

This cable car sets the Guinness World Record for the longest non-stop single track cable car (5,801 m) in the world. Sitting inside the cable car as you ride up from the base up toward the mountains gives you breathtaking views of the mountainous region of Da Nang.

Le Jardin d’Amour Flower Gardens

Jump on the Funicular, a Swiss style train, to the gorgeous flower gardens.

Debay Wine Cellars
I missed the wine cellars, but was still able to revel in the wine tasting during the wine festival in the Le Jardin d’Amour during my trip. If you are a wine fanatic, then definitely check it out.

Linh Ung Pagoda

A spiritual area where Buddha sitting atop of a lotus can be observed in meditation.

Linh Phong B
o Thá
Gorgeous tower that was impressive near and afar.

Temple of the Spirit
A place of worship that welcomes visitors.

French Village

How fitting for a French village to be located on the top tier of the park as Vietnam is filled with architecture that is inspired or infused with French influence.

Wax Museum
This is not included in the admission, but it is an additional option if you would like to view wax figurines.

Trú Vũ Trà Quán

Step inside this tranquil restaurant and enjoy a cup of tea.

Fantasy Park
Indulge in the games and attractions that the fantasy park has to offer after gazing upon the beauty of the gardens and architecture.

Golden Bridge
The Golden Bridge was built almost exactly one year after my trip to Vietnam. It is a golden pedestrian bridge overlooking a beautiful landscape that is held up by two giant concrete hands that emerge from the mountainside. I would definitely love to head back to Ba Na hills to see this monument firsthand. 

Overall, it was a joyous amusement park that gives visitors an eclectic mixture of European and Vietnamese architecture. Is Bà Nà Hills on your bucketlist? Let me know in the comments below.