Location:  Jump Florida Skydiving; Plant City, FL

Jump:  Tandem 11,000FT

Free Fall:  ~30 Seconds

Cost:  $99 with Groupon ($139 Without Groupon)

Video + Photo Package:  $75

“Once you become fearless, life is limitless.” – Unknown.

I am not sure if this was the case going into my first tandem jumping experience because there was definitely fear especially doing this feat by myself, but I was not going to allow it to hold me back from this thrilling experience.

After signing statements of consent and liability waivers, I was officially checked in and placed in the queue to be suited up to board the plane. Honestly waiting to be suited up was probably the most nerve wrecking of the entire experience. An hour passed by and I was finally called upon. After being suited up, I walked with my tandem instructor to the plane.

Packed in the plane were 7 other tandem jumpers and 1 non-tandem jumper. As we ascended, I remember my instructor stating, “Halfway there.” I felt my heart drop, but acted completely cool. Time felt slow as we ascended to the top, but once we hit 11,000FT, the doors of the plane flew open and out we went!

My mind went completely blank just remembering that I needed to tuck my legs back, cross my arms, and tilt my head back. Once I was in position, I reached my arms outward and there I was free falling! I honestly felt no fear in this moment – almost in a zen like state in the 30-seconds I was falling.

Then BAM, parachute deployed! Drifting downward to our landing zone after the freefall was peaceful and serene.

Upon reaching our landing zone, I was instructed to lift my legs as we landed. It was the perfect experience, and ultimately 30-seconds of free fall felt like a long time, but there were the options of 14,000FT (60 seconds freefall) and 18,000FT (90 seconds freefall) as well.