New York City. This city delights the eyes, ears, and taste buds with its skyscrapers, bustling sounds of people moving about their day, and restaurants that will surely keep anyone coming back for more.

I have been to New York City quite a few times now, and there is always plenty to do. Here’s my tourist guide to New York City with a few highlights from my trips.

Delicious Eats

Honestly, New York City is one of the top destinations for foodies. It definitely ranks with California, Illinois, and Washington in terms of best food destinations in the United States.

Get your grub on and explore the many restaurants that New York has to offer! Oh, and while in town, do not forget to snag a slice of PIZZA. No matter where you end up venturing, I’m sure New York restaurants and food vendors will satisfy your food cravings.


American Museum of Natural History:  A science museum that is friendly for all ages, but I felt it was more geared towards children than adults.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (“The Met”):  Not only is “the Met” the largest and most visited museum in New York City, but it also tops the charts as one of the ten most visited museums in the world. Might I add, this museum does not disappoint with a plethora of art exhibits and galleries.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA):  Here you’ll be provided with more than a glimpse of modern and contemporary art as you make your way through MoMA’s tremendous art collection. This museum was my ultimate favorite and an additional plus was being able to feast my eyes upon Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece “Starry Night.”

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum:  A popular museum as seen in the movie, “When in Rome.” I fell in love with the scene of Kristen Bell running down the spiral ramp that makes up the floors of the Guggenheim. The architectural construct of the museum is just as beautiful as it is depicted in Hollywood cinema. The walls of the Guggenheim are adorned with beautiful modern art pieces.

9/11 Memorial & One World Trade Center

Two large square pools inscribed by the names of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack built where the Twin Towers once stood. This memorial will spark feelings of emotion, tranquility, and peace in remembrance of and honor of the victims.

Nearby the 9/11 Memorial is the One World Trade Center that offers an indoor observation deck offering panoramic view of New York City.


Central Park:  It is quite amazing that this lustrous, gorgeous park is located in the bustling city of New York. I recommend Central Park in the fall months as the fall foliage and colorful autumn colors will leave you awe stricken.

The High Line:  This urban park is built atop a repurposed railway line that was elevated above New York City. This gorgeous park is filled with murals, park benches, and vegetation that offers a plethora of city views from above.


Chelsea Market:  Snag a bite to eat in the food hall of Chelsea Market and whilst digesting your food, shop around and eat some more!

Rockefeller Center:  Atop Rockefeller Center is the observation deck; however, down below is a network of retailers, stores, and restaurants.

Times Square:  Not only does Times Square light up with Billboards, but it is quite the shopping destination filled with plenty of shops, street vendors, and restaurants.

Statue of Liberty

A ferry ride provided by Statue Cruises from either New Jersey or New York can be taken to Liberty Island where you’ll be able to view the monument up close. An observation deck is also available if you’re interested, but making my way to the island was enough adventure for me, personally.

Empire State Building

Although the Empire State Building is not the tallest building in New York City, its observation decks still attract millions of visitors per year to ride an elevator to the observation decks above to see the city by day or night.


Times Square

Located in the heart of Manhattan is the metropolis of advertising that fills the neon lit Billboards. Make your way to the center of Times Square and have a seat on the red steps to truly take in the entire ambience.

Brooklyn Bridge

Walk across the first steel-wire suspension bridge, a cutting-edge historic piece of architecture with a beautiful view of the buildings of Manhattan that glisten in the night sky.