For anyone wanting to save some money & time when working through the Disney theme parks, here are a few tips and tricks.

1. Arrive at the park early!

This is the most crucial tip! I know waking up to be at the park at 8 AM seems like a bit of a drag especially when you’re on vacation, but you’ll be able to snag a sweet spot in line on a busy ride. Waiting 20-30 minutes as opposed to 2 hours for a ride is quite a deal! Plus, you’ll be able to walk around the park without a large crowd of people for a couple of hours. I have found that people start trickling in and the parks start to get busier around 11 AM.

2. Download the MyDisney Experience App

Download the MyDisney Experience app on your phone to access the park map, manage your fast passes, search ride wait times, book dining reservations, and browse through your photos.

3. Book your Disney Fast Passes

Disney does not have a fast pass band, but does offer all ticket holders a handful of fast passes to be used at your discretion. Thirty days prior to your Disney trip, you can manage and reserve Fast Passes for up to 3 attractions for one designated park.  You can change your reservations as the day goes by and additional fast passes can be accessed on the day of your trip as well, but I would recommend booking as early as possible. Time slots for the busiest rides fill up quite quickly.

4. Take advantage of Single Rider Lines

There are only a few rides that offer the single rider lane, but if you see a ride that offers this lane, be sure to jump in. I was hesitant about the single rider lane at first because I felt weird sitting next to a random stranger, but it does not matter. Everyone is there to experience the rides and it is not bad at all! It saves you so much time!!

5. Bring Snacks

Yes, the magical world of Disney allows you to bring your own snacks into the park!! Don’t worry, you can place your bags into the little cubby bag under your seats or in front of you on each of the rides, so your belongings are always with you.

6. Mobile Ordering & Dining Reservations

Book dining reservations ahead of time if you want to experience this. Additionally, mobile ordering in the MyDisney app will allow you to skip the lines and get to your food faster.

7. Start at the back of the park

If you arrive early, go straight to the back of the park. Everyone will be rushing towards the first few rides at the entrance and you’ll find yourself waiting in a ridiculously long line.