Harry P. Leu Gardens is home to an extensive collection of temperate and tropical plants. Mary and Harry Leu collected a variety of plants and seeds for their garden surrounding their home now known as Leu House Museum that overlooks Lake Rowena. A different array of plants are in bloom depending on the time of year. You’ll see camellias in full bloom in the winter, roses & azaleas during the spring, tropical plants during the summer, and floss silk during the fall. I visited during the month of June and was delighted by an assortment of tropical plants.

Entering the Garden House Welcome Center, my friends and I purchased a daytime garden admission for $10/adult. The admission ticket includes free rein over a self-guided tour throughout the 40 acre gardens.

From here, we made my way toward the Idea Garden. Perfect location for a photo-op where a beautiful gazebo lies. The Idea Garden is filled with a variety of plants and garden designs.


We then continued along the path to the gorgeous Butterfly Garden. This was one of my favorite gardens as it was both breathtaking and beautiful.


Exiting the Butterfly Garden, I could smell the aroma of the vegetable garden. It is quite neat that the fruits and vegetables grown here in this garden are taken and donated to local food banks in the area.

We then ventured off to the Rose Garden, the largest formal garden of roses in Florida. The garden is comprised of a collection of roses existing prior to 1867 and modern roses. In the center of the Rose Garden is a fountain encircled with white benches where you may sit to reflect on the beauty of the roses.


After spending some time in the shade and running through some sprinklers to cool off from the heat, we continued our journey through the Leu Gardens landing at the Floral Clock. After getting a glimpse of the clock, we walked down the pathway to the “Dinosaur Garden,” home to palms, cycads, and bamboo. Before we left, we went to overlook Lake Rowena. Remember do not feed the animals lurking in the water….


During our time here, we were also lucky to find some fairy doors. A special event is scheduled to start June 30 called “Enchanted Fairy Doors.” The exhibit is to feature 15 different fairy doors that can be found throughout the gardens.


Just like the fairy doors, these gardens were a truly magical experience.